Why Use A Website Copywriting Service?

Today’s online consumers expect easily navigable websites with clear information – and they also need to be able to find those websites in the first place!

We will delve into how website copywriters can help your business get found online and how to choose the right copywriting service for you.

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Example of the Rated Near Me website appearing on page 1 of Google

So your brand new website is nearly ready to go live and it’s looking fantastic! But now you need to populate those pages with engaging, persuasive content. Or perhaps your website content hasn’t been touched for a long time, and could do with a refresh.

For most business owners, writing website copy can be a daunting prospect – let alone a whole website. This is why many turn to website copywriters or professional writing services for support.

In this article we will explore:

  • What does a copywriter do
  • The benefits of using a website copywriter
  • How to hire a copywriter for your website content
  • Key considerations when choosing a web copywriting service
  • How much it costs to hire a website copywriter

Why do you need a website copywriter?

First, it might be helpful to clarify two common questions: What is copywriting? and What does a website copywriter do?

Copywriters write text (or copy) for a wide range of marketing, promotional and commercial materials. This might include physical materials such as leaflets or catalogues, online formats such as websites, social media posts, search engine ads, email marketing messaging, or advertisements such as billboards or posters.

Businesses hire copywriters to ensure that their materials are engaging, persuasive and free from errors. A good copywriter can produce compelling website copy from only a vague idea or outline.

When it comes to business websites specifically, there are five main reasons to consider hiring a copywriting professional:

1. To help your business get found online – Website copywriters can help your business get found online by producing quality content that is tailored to both your customers and search engines. They do this by researching relevant keywords and using them throughout your website aka SEO copywriting (more on that below).

2. To help website visitors navigate content – It’s important that your website content is structured in a way which makes sense to visitors. A key element of this lies in the design of the website, but a good copywriter will also ensure that pages are easy to navigate and the information on them is easy to digest.

3. To explain your product & service in a consumer-friendly way – As a business owner, nobody is closer to your brand, business or service than you. But at the same time, it’s possible to be too close!

Many business owners place a high value on having a second, professional pair of eyes to help structure website messaging and key features. Clear information and a clear call to action are vital to achieving conversions – a copywriter will help with both.

4. To ensure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes on your website – It goes without saying that good web copy should be free from errors (spelling and grammar mistakes can have a very real cost). Analysis from Agility PR found that poor spelling and grammar decreased visitors’ time on a landing page by 8% and increased bounce rate by 85%.

5. To build a consistent brand tone – One of the most important things that copywriters do is identify the right tone of voice for your business, They also ensure it is applied consistently across all web content on your site (and other materials such as brochures or flyers).

The tone of voice is a key element of any brand and represents how your business communicates with your target audience. To build a successful brand, it’s vital that your tone of voice comes across in all materials that you produce. 

In summary, while there are a number of compelling reasons why a website copywriter can benefit a business – for many business owners, one standout reason is “To help their business get found online”.

How can a website copywriter help my business get found online?

A copywriter can help a business get found online by optimising website copy for search engines. This is an integral part of website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – also referred to as “on page optimisation” or SEO copywriting.

SEO Copywriting Services for Websites

The primary way in which a copywriter can help with SEO is through keyword research. This is where a copywriter identifies relevant keywords that your customers use when they are searching for businesses or products like yours online. An example of a keyword might be “landscape gardener”, or “landscape gardener Yorkshire”.

A professional copywriter will use tools such as Google Keyword Planner to identify relevant keywords for your business. They can then integrate the keywords seamlessly into the written content on your website.

Screenshot of Google Keyword Planner with volumes for copywriting services
Example of the data from Google Keyword Planner

Keywords can also be incorporated in elements such as page titles, meta data, product descriptions and even image tags.

Including keywords in your website content will help search engines to show your website to relevant customers when they conduct a web search.

Content Marketing

Many business owners hire an SEO content writer or blog copywriter to work on additional website content – such as articles or blog posts.

Some websites have hundreds of pages, but many others have just 4 or 5 core pages.

These might include a homepage, services page, “about us” page and a contact page. For these smaller sites, there are not many opportunities to include keywords. That is why larger websites with more web pages attract more visitors in general.

Hiring a copywriter to produce engaging, shareable blog content is an easy way for a business owner to add more keywords into their website.

Where To Find A Copywriter For Your Website

Now you know a little more about what a copywriter does and how they can benefit your business, we will explore how you can go about finding a copywriter?

Luckily, there are a number of options available for you:

1. Freelancing Websites

Websites such as Fiverr, Upwork and People Per Hour are services that specialise in connecting business owners with freelancers across a range of disciplines.

Services on offer include graphic design, website coding, social media and video production – and of course, there are also an abundance of copywriters. Platforms such as Copify even specialise in helping business owners specifically find freelance copywriters.

Advantages: Freelancing websites make it easy for buyers to find freelancers and pay for the work. They also include functions to ensure timely delivery of the work, they can also step in to mediate should there be any issues. Both buyers and sellers are encouraged to leave reviews, which allows you to get an idea of a copywriter’s abilities before hiring them.

Disadvantages: Generally, the copywriters on these sites are not thoroughly vetted (although they may have been asked to complete some basic tests). While many buyers have great experiences, some are left disappointed. Both buyers and freelancers also pay a fee (usually a percentage of the transaction fee) for using the service.

2. Bespoke Copywriting Services & Freelance Copywriters

It won’t surprise you to learn that it’s incredibly easy to use search engines such as Google or by using websites such as Rated Near Me to find copywriting service providers and individual freelancers.

It’s usually easy to contact copywriters via email, telephone or a contact form on their website. They will happily share examples of their previous work and offer free quotes for their writing services.

Advantages: By finding and reaching out to website copywriters directly, you avoid the fees associated with freelancing websites such as those described above. You can use specific search terms to really find the right copywriter for you (for example, searching for “website copywriting services“).

Screenshot of Google Related searches for website copywriting services
Related searches to “website copywriting services” on Google

Disadvantages: All professional copywriters and copywriting services should be able to share a portfolio of their work. However, it might be difficult to thoroughly verify their experience and feedback from previous clients.

3. Marketing & Digital Marketing Agencies

Many marketing agencies and digital marketing agencies offer copywriting services alongside services such as consultation, web design, social media, email marketing and digital marketing. Much like individual freelancers and copywriting specialists, it’s easy to find agencies on Google or by using websites such as Rated Near Me.

Advantages: Agencies have a breadth of expertise. Their wider knowledge about websites, search engines and user behaviour can help them to write highly effective copy for your website. 

Disadvantages: Even small agencies have increased overheads compared to individual copywriters (such as office rent). Inevitably these additional costs are passed onto their clients.

Key Considerations When Hiring A Copywriter 

When searching for a copywriter, many business owners are likely to be presented with a wide range of options. To help you find the right website copywriter for your business, it may be helpful to keep the following in mind:

Experience & Portfolio

No matter what copywriter or copywriting service you use, most should be able to provide a portfolio of their previous work. Take your time to review the portfolio carefully to determine if their experience matches your requirements.

If a writer has recently started copywriting, they will not have an extensive portfolio. However, they may be able to provide you with a short piece of sample text on the subject you require.

Geographic Location

It is not essential that the copywriter you work with originates from the same country or region where your business is based. However, it would be advantageous for them to have an understanding of local consumer habits, specific geographic regions or cultural norms.

A key part of copywriting is communicating information in an accurate and engaging manner – without errors. As such, many business owners prefer to hire a copywriter who is a native speaker of the country they operate in. 

Industry Specific Expertise

Many copywriters have experience writing for a broad range of businesses, brands and services. Nevertheless, hiring a copywriter with experience writing for your industry can reduce the opportunity for errors, and it might mean that the writer already has an understanding of your customers.

This can be particularly advantageous for highly technical or heavily regulated businesses such as financial services, law and healthcare. If your website is primarily e-commerce based, it may be beneficial to seek out a copywriter with extensive e-commerce experience and who can write unique product descriptions.

Personal Rapport

While expertise and experience are no doubt key considerations – your interactions with a copywriter or service provider are equally important.

A good copywriter should show enthusiasm and willingness to really understand your business and your customers or clients. It’s also important that both parties feel comfortable asking questions and providing honest feedback.

If you and a copywriter are on the same page – great! If your visions, opinions and expectations vary significantly, then it’s probably time to look elsewhere. 

It might be helpful to consider the following before you hire them: Has the writer taken the time to understand your business? Have they answered your questions carefully? What questions have they asked you?

Accreditation, Certification & Qualifications

Some copywriters hold accreditations or qualifications in the fields of marketing and digital marketing (for example from the Chartered Institute of Marketing). Platforms such as Google, Facebook & Fiverr also offer training with accreditation in subjects related to websites, social media and SEO.

It’s important to note that not all good copywriters are accredited – and not all accredited copywriters are good at writing!

However, this might be something to consider when comparing two writers with otherwise similar skillsets.

How much do website copywriting services cost?

As with many other professional services, it’s difficult to exactly define how much you should expect to pay for web copywriting.

Website copywriters may choose to charge by the word, hourly rate or a fixed price for completing a writing job. Generally hourly or fixed price billing is preferred by experienced writers.

Freelancing website Upwork has calculated that copywriters on their platform charge between £14 and £33 per hour. They also estimate that business owners can expect to pay between £150 and £350 per page for website copy.

UK jobs site Indeed estimates that the average base salary for a UK copywriter is £69.92 per day – which suggests that some copywriters charge even less than Upwork’s estimate.

£14 per hour might seem like a bargain for a website copywriter, but it’s important to note that Upwork is a dedicated freelance platform. It will draw data from experienced copywriters, but also those who are just starting out, have little experience, and are charging very low fees for their work. 

In contrast, Freelance UK notes that senior, experienced copywriters or copywriting services can command rates of between £800 and £2,000 per day.

Why the big difference?

There are a number of factors which will determine the cost of website copywriting:

  • The experience level of the copywriter
  • The type of clients a writer specialises in (a writer who specialises in small businesses will need to charge affordable rates, but one who works regularly with big brands will be used to charging higher fees).
  • The nature of the work (are they refining existing content or starting from scratch? Is the nature of the business straightforward or complex?)
  • The amount of research required to complete the job effectively
  • The quantity of work required
  • The desired deadline to complete the work (you pay more for tight turnarounds)

Is hiring a copywriter worth it for my website?

This article has hopefully highlighted a number of ways in which a website copywriter can provide real value to small and large businesses alike.

Hiring a copywriter certainly appears to be a good investment for most businesses.

However, we have also seen that the cost of website copywriting can vary considerably.

Ultimately, the amount that a business should pay for web copywriting services is determined by the overall budget available for creating a new website or improving an existing one

Once you have determined a budget within your means, you can use the guidance in this article to find the best copywriter for your business.

Why not start by using Rated Near Me to get quotes from copywriters near you? It only takes a few seconds to fill in your requirements and to receive competitive quotes.

Best of all, it’s absolutely free!

Just click on the image below, then answer a few short questions to have free quotes sent to you.

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