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Not sure which type of loft conversion you need?

Our simple guide answers all your questions.

The best loft conversion for your home, as well as its cost, will be determined by your house type, budget and the purpose of your loft conversion.

Learn about the most popular loft conversions to help you find the most suitable one for you.

Get loft conversion quotes & information by conversion style:

Get loft conversion quotes & information by house type:

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Roof Light Loft Conversion Quotes

A roof light loft conversion is the simplest and cheapest type of loft conversion.

This is because the loft is converted within the existing loft space and roofline. The only external alteration is the installation of roof lights (roof windows) to allow light into the space.


  • A roof light loft conversion is the most cost-effective loft conversion


  • A roof light loft conversion does not increase the floor space or ceiling height of a loft
  • UK building regulations require a minimum ceiling height of 2.2 metres for a loft conversion. Since a roof light loft conversion does not increase ceiling height, your loft will already need to meet this criteria in order to be compliant.
Image of roof light loft conversion

Dormer Loft Conversion Quotes

A dormer loft conversion physically increases loft space thanks to the addition of a rectangular structure to the roof.

The rectangular structure can be added to the front of the property, rear of the property, or both the front and rear to maximise the available space.


  • A dormer loft conversion increases the floor space and ceiling height of a loft
  • The rectangular structure allows for the installation of vertical windows which can provide attractive views, for example, out onto the garden


  • A dormer loft conversion requires significant external building work
  • Dormer loft conversions are more expensive than a simple roof light loft extension
Photo of dormer loft conversion

Hip-To-Gable Loft Conversion Quotes

A hip-to-gable loft conversion is most commonly found on properties with an existing hipped roof, but it can also be found on end-of-terrace houses.

The relatively gentle (or shallow) gradient of hipped roofs can often reduce the usable loft space inside the property. A hip-to-gable loft conversion extends the maximum roof height over a greater area, and in doing so increases usable loft space.


  • A hip-to-gable loft conversion increases floor space and ceiling height in a loft
  • This type of conversion can be added to most end-of-terrace houses


  • A hip-to-gable loft conversion is not usually suitable for properties which do not have a hipped roof
  • Significant external building work is required for hip-to-gable loft conversions

Terrace House Loft Conversion Quotes

With limited space available for an extension or a conservatory, a terraced house loft conversion is a popular and effective way for homeowners to create valuable extra living space.

What you need to know

  • Terraced houses tend to have small roofs. Your terraced house loft conversion quote may need to include moving the hot water tank in order to make the loft space workable
  • A terraced house loft conversion does not usually need planning permission. However, under the Party Wall Act, you are required to inform the neighbours on each side of the property if the work involves structural changes. Notice should be given at least two months in advance of the works – and no more than a year
  • A hip-to-gable loft conversion is not possible on terraced houses – unless you own one of the end of terrace houses

How much does a terraced house loft conversion cost?
A simple roof light terraced house loft conversion will cost from £15,000. A dormer terraced house loft conversion will cost around £45,000, but could reach in excess of £70,000.

Terraced house loft conversion after photo

End Of Terrace House Loft Conversion Quotes

When it comes to converting a loft, owners of an end-of-terrace house have more options available to them than owners of a standard terraced house.

What you need to know

  • End-of-terrace homeowners have the option of a hip-to-gable loft conversion in addition to a dormer loft conversion or a roof light loft conversion
  • Space tends to be limited in a terraced house. Your end-of-terrace loft conversion quote may need to include moving the hot water tank to make the space workable
  • An end-of-terrace loft conversion does not usually need planning permission. However, you are required to give neighbours in the adjoining property advance notice if it involves structural changes

How much does an end-of- terrace house loft conversion cost?
Quotes for end-of-terrace house roof light conversions should be in the range of £15,000. With a dormer or hip-to-gable end-of-terrace loft conversion estimated around £45,000 – £70,000, depending on what is required.

Photo of low ceiling loft conversion

Semi-Detached Loft Conversion Quotes

A semi-detached house is usually more spacious than a terraced house, but that doesn’t mean that a loft conversion is not equally valuable!

For growing families, a loft conversion is an attractive and cost-effective way to get extra living space in a semi-detached house.

What you need to know

  • A hip-to-gable loft conversion is usually only found on semi-detached houses with an existing hipped roof. If your semi-detached house does not have a hipped roof, a dormer loft conversion is likely to be the most suitable option
  • A semi-detached loft conversion does not usually need planning permission. However, you are required to inform neighbours in the adjoining property “through the wall” if it will involve structural changes. As above, notice should be given at least two months and no more than a year in advance of the work commencing

How much does a semi-detached loft conversion cost?
For a simple semi-detached loft conversion involving only roof lights, quotes will be around £15,000. A dormer or hip-to-gable semi-detached loft conversion will estimated in the range of£45,000 to £70,000.

Image of semi-detached loft conversion

Bungalow Loft Conversion Quotes

Single-storey bungalows are almost always smaller than terraced and semi-detached homes.

This makes a bungalow loft conversion an attractive proposition for homeowners who are looking to increase their living space.

Bungalows can benefit from all the same loft conversion styles that a house can, including roof light loft conversion, dormer loft conversion and hip-to-gable loft conversion.

The best bungalow loft conversion option will differ from home-to-home and will depend in some instances on the style of the existing roof. that is why it is best to arrange for a loft conversion specialist to visit for a free survey and quote.What you need to know

  • Be sure to give suppliers as much information as you can when you get your bungalow loft conversion quotes. Both the size of bungalows in the UK and their roof types can vary significantly
  • A bungalow loft conversion does not usually need planning permission as most are detached properties. However, if you live in a terraced bungalow or semi-detached bungalow you will need to inform your neighbours in the adjoining property (or properties) if the works involve structural changes

How much does a bungalow loft conversion cost?
Depending on the size of the bungalow and the desired loft style, a bungalow loft conversion can cost between £15,000 to over £70,000.

Bungalow loft conversion image

Bedroom Loft Conversion Quotes

One of the most popular reasons to invest in a loft conversion is to create an extra bedroom.

This could be for a growing family, to make room for an elderly relative, or even to rent it out using services like AirBnb.

Those homeowners who convert their loft / attic into bedrooms commonly install en-suite bathrooms as well, as this removes the need for the occupants to go up and down stairs when needing to use the toilet.

Key considerations for bedroom loft conversions

  • Think carefully how much space is required. A young child may only need a small bedroom – one the size of the existing loft space. An adult couple may need significantly more space. Remember that only a hip-to-gable loft conversion or a dormer loft conversion will increase the space available for the occupants
  • Access is another important consideration. Make sure that you have room to install a suitable staircase for the occupant of the loft bedroom who may be old, young or significantly less mobile in 10 years time
Bedroom loft conversion with en-suite toilet

Low Ceiling Loft Conversion Quotes

It is not uncommon for lofts in UK properties to have a large amount of floor space, but relatively low ceilings.

If this sounds like your property, don’t worry, it is still possible to convert your loft!

However you should be aware of the following points.

Key considerations for low ceiling loft conversions

  • UK Building regulations require a minimum ceiling height of 2.2 metres for a loft conversion. This applies to any ‘liveable space’ which means any room which is used as a normal part of your house, including spare bedrooms
  • If your loft ceiling is lower than 2.2 metres, you will need to raise the height of the ceiling or lower the floor
  • Both hip-to-gable loft conversions and dormer loft conversions will allow you to raise the height of the ceiling. A roof light loft conversion will not raise the height of the ceiling
Image of new roof for loft conversion

Small Loft Conversion

As detailed above, provided that the ceiling height is at least 2.2m, you can convert even small loft spaces into a habitable room.

Thanks to the availability of compact staircases, smart storage and clever furniture design – there are thousands of small loft conversion ideas to take inspiration from.

Key considerations for small loft conversions

  • All loft conversions have a relatively high upfront cost. It may be worth assessing whether you can afford to spend more to increase your loft space, and in doing so, create a more comfortable, flexible or useful space
  • For the same reasons, you should also consider whether your space is genuinely large enough to be turned into a useful and practical living space
Photo of a small loft

Customer Reviews

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A. Gonsalves

A. Gonsalves


Very good, excellent

The builders who did our loft conversion and I am very happy with their work, they are reliable, punctual and dedicated to their work , completed the job on time with competitive prices.

I would recommend them …

Colin R

Colin R


I contacted this service about a loft conversion and was contacted the same day by a loft company and received a quote wthin 4 days.




I posted looking for an architect to help design my loft conversion and rear extension. I received a lot of response very quickly, from companies that provide designs and manage the planning permission and building regulations applications.

Would definitely recommend this website to anyone starting a building project.

Loft Conversion Frequently Asked Questions

A few things to note before getting your loft conversion free quote:
Does a loft conversion need planning permission?

Most loft conversions do not need planning permission. A loft conversion usually falls under what is known as a ‘Permitted Development’ (just as most conservatories and sheds do).

However, there are certain limitations and conditions which must be adhered to.

For example the new loft space should not exceed 40 cubic metres for terraced properties, or 50 cubic metres for detached and semi-detached properties. Read more on the Planning Portal.

How long does a loft conversion take?

This is heavily dependent on the scope of the project. A simple roof light loft conversion for use as a bedroom can take as little as 6-10 weeks.

A loft conversion that enlarges the space or (for example) includes plumbing-in an en-suite bathroom will take longer.

How do I get loft conversion quotes near me?

You can use Rated Near Me to get competitive quotes from highly rated local tradesmen and installers – absolutely free!

And there is no obligation to use any of the companies. It only takes a few minutes to enter your requirements.

You can also read our How Much Does a Loft Conversion Cost guide here.

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