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Health Care Assistants

75% Of Resumes Never Get Read

Improve Your CV & Covering Letter To Get Hired


Recruitment Facts

Less Than 5% Of Applicants Get Seen

Hiring managers are looking for certain things in a cover letter and resume. If yours doesn’t include these, it won’t get to the next stage.

Tip: Use a leading CV writing service to make sure yours does.

ATS Reject 50% Of CVs

Companies are using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to scan resumes for keywords. If yours doesn’t contain the correct words it will get rejected.

Tip: Use an online service to scan and test your CV before sending it for a role.

83% Of HR Managers Say Cover Letters Matter

Your cover letter will be read before your CV/resume. You need to include a personalized cover letter with every application to be more successful.

Tip: Try proven letter templates from HR experts to get more interviews.

Professional CV’s Are 32% More Successful

When competing against other care workers for a role, a professionally written resume and cover letter will make you stand out.

Tip: They can also make you more hirable and better paid!

Quickly Get A Job Winning CV & Cover Letter

Being offered a dream job in health care might seem impossible. But you can improve your chances by using one of the best online CV services.

You can either use proven resume templates or work with a CV expert to showcase your skills and attributes that will open the doors to new possibilities.

With a professional CV and cover letter, you will instantly create a positive image for any hiring manager.

Test Your CV For Free

Do you want to improve your existing CV/resume so you are invited for more interviews?

Simply upload your CV so that the AI scanner can check your CV against the job description. It will score your CV and let you know what areas need to be changed.

You can then optimize your resume for any job, letting hiring managers see that you have the experience and skills they are looking for.

Try it today for free.


"Using these tools for my CV preparation has proven to be highly effective. Even minor adjustments with the tool have resulted in a significant improvement in how recruiters perceive my applications."

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"I am both pleasantly surprised and grateful to have discovered such a valuable and supportive website. Without a doubt, I will be sharing my recommendation with my friends and family."

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"Assisted in creating an impressive resume that effectively showcased accomplishments. The availability of various formats was a welcome feature."

Constance Mahove

Job Success

Improve Your Job Prospects

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